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"Oooh! Good old fashioned bread made the good old fashioned way with good old fashioned ingredients. It's the bread that the finest restaurants count on"
Loves butter
"Aaah! Frank's Italian breads and specialty products can become an addiction. Experts agree that fresh, crispy on the outside - soft on the inside Italian bread, bread that makes you say Aaah, is not a bad affliction to have. The leading San Diego Bakery since 1948 "
Doesn't need butter
"Yum! Frank's Italian bread is known to calm the tummy rumble one stomach at a time. Other people eat Frank's dinner rolls before the main course. With Frank's baked goods everyone's happy. Frank's bread, a delicate balance of flavor and crunch."
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Behind every great man, there is an even greater woman; and before a great meal, there is even greater bread. Bread is the first thing you serve your guests and sets the standard for the rest of the meal and Frank's has been setting that bar high since 1948. We hand make all of our breads with only the highest quality ingredients.


Frank’s Italian Bread’s have been the envy of every baker from Los Angeles to New York and have been proven to make dinner party guests reach for more until they are all gone, so always count on more for your guests. There aren’t many bakers that are good at everything, but Frank's Bakery masterfully creates a wide assortment of artisan breads. We freshly bake a variety of dinner rolls in various sizes, baguettes, and Italian rolls. We also provide specialty goods such as muffaletta, foccacia, sourdough, and hotdog and hamburger buns.  Frank’s smorgasbord of baked goods are hand crafted one-at-a-time - that’s why they taste as good as they look!


Frank’s dream was to make his restaurant quality Italian breads available to ordinary folks at a price they could afford - and that's exactly what we do. Since opening up shop over 60 years ago, Frank's has been faithfully and consistently providing the best eateries around the San Diego area with the best locally baked breads. Frank’s Bakery has the best of everything: the best ingredients, the best care and the best bakers. For all of us here at Frank's, bread is not our profession, it is our passion and we are excited to share the joy of beautifully baked bread with you.


We deliver to the majority of San Diego county's finest restaurants and will deliver fresh baked bread to your door Mondays through Saturdays. For more information, or to place an order, give us a call at 619-296-0245 or send us a message on our Contact Us page.


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