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Bite into perfection
"Oooh! Good old fashioned bread made the good old fashioned way with good old fashioned ingredients. It's the bread that the finest restaurants count on"
Loves butter
"Aaah! Frank's Italian breads and specialty products can become an addiction. Experts agree that fresh, crispy on the outside - soft on the inside Italian bread, bread that makes you say Aaah, is not a bad affliction to have. The leading San Diego Bakery since 1948 "
Doesn't need butter
"Yum! Frank's Italian bread is known to calm the tummy rumble one stomach at a time. Other people eat Frank's dinner rolls before the main course. With Frank's baked goods everyone's happy. Frank's bread, a delicate balance of flavor and crunch."
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Little Italy's best...
San Diego's Favorite


Long before the Rooster crows, Frank’s Bakery is making perfection.


Delicious.  Fresh.  Baked by hand.


Try it, you’ll taste the difference, the bread that fine restaurants depend on.


San Diego Bakery in Old Town


Need some good old fashioned Italian bread or specialty baked items you won't find anywhere else?  Look no further, Frank's Bakery delivers.  Frank’s is still the San Diego Bakery that makes every loaf of Specialty Bread by hand.  It’s quality you can taste, ingredients you can trust.


Frank's is a wholesale bakery that caters to restaurants and delis across the San Diego area. Those dinner rolls that you can’t get enough of before the main course at a restaurant were probably made at Frank’s Bakery. Frank’s is the San Diego Wholesale Bakery that restaurants rely on for their Italian Breads and rolls and specialty items like bread sticks and cannoli shells. Taste their Jalapeno-cheddar loaf, or their 3 Olive loaves and enjoy them all with your friends - you won’t be disappointed and neither will they. It's fair to say that Frank Gibaldi has played a major role in transforming the way San Diegans say "bread."  










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Address: 9935 Campo Rd. San Diego, CA 91977

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